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Amiga stereo separation is bad for my ears!
in SOAMC= FAQ | Monday, March 09, 2015 | 22:07

Yeah, I know. Listening to Amiga sound with drums in one left channel, strings in right channel etc is really no fun when listening in headphones. So, I did the incredible task of producing a second blend-mixed stereo version where each channel is mixed with the other at a 65% factor.

That doubled the collection as easy math would indicate. It will give a more narrow stereo feel, but it would not freak out your ears so much as the original recording.

The filenames will indicate either a ORIGINAL recording or a MIXED reocording. Such as "xxxxxx_Txx_ORG.MP3" and "xxxxxx_Txx_MIX.MP3"

Please note that we provide BOTH recordings in our collection. Recorded as-is from Amiga and one blended stereo-mix version as explained here. The results you can hear from these first recordings done for the project.

This is the quality you can expect. Note that there is a couple of seconds of silence in the beginning, this will let you hear the actual noise from a real A1200 when the audio material was normalized to 100% volume. If you can't hear it, good for you!

How it was done with SOX and SOXMIX (.bat style):
sox.exe recording.wav pan_r.wav pan 0.65
sox.exe recording.wav pan_l.wav pan -0.65
sox.exe pan_l.wav -c 1 real_l.wav avg -l
sox.exe pan_r.wav -c 1 real_r.wav avg -r
sox.exe real_l.wav -c 2 final_l.wav pan -1.0
sox.exe real_r.wav -c 2 final_r.wav pan 1.0
soxmix.exe final_l.wav final_r.wav final.wav

recording.wav = original Amiga recording in Stereo
final.wav = 65% blend mixed L/R channels

Using "sox.exe v12.18.1
and "soxmix.exe" v12.18.1

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