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Processing numbers are in!
in All about SOAMC= | Tuesday, November 27, 2018 | 22:31

Since April 2018 we have extracted and decrunched, including 2nd pass decrunching which finished up on 11th of December 2018, we have finally counted up the amount of files which are subjects for ripping and hunting of actual musical files!

A whopping amount of 25601097 (25.6 million files)!

Since we're gonna use 4 different ripping techniques on ALL the same amount of files, the SOAMC= ENDGAME project will process well over 100 million files in total (exactly 102404388) - and that is mostly done within WinUAE (running at Warp, JIT naturally).

We have no idea how many WinUAE instances we're gonna run at the same time yet, or how long this would possibly take to process, but as an example, the first test-run (allthough with some bugfixing and limited run-time) around 800000 files took 2months, we could pretend a real and proper setup could take 1 million files a month (with all 4 variations of ripping).

So, 26 months will be oh about, 2.1 years!
Haha, seriously, can it be this BAD?

I guess we just have to jump into it and see what happens :-)

Update 15th December 2018
We will during the following weeks start to clean up and re-organize + prepare the 102million files for automated ripping. We expect the system to start running on its long journey at the very end of this year (possibly just before Christmas or New Years Eve) - a good way to sign off 8 months of hard work and processing becoming fully automated in 2019, at which point, we can only sit back and relax for at least 12 months or even longer :-)

As the next update of HVSC / CGSC for SID 64 music is already too close, I need to focus on starting recording those too, which will take a couple of weeks since the actual recording system is only operated every Saturday due to the fact I have moved to a preliminary location while we wait for the house to get sold, then buy a new one and regroup!

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