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SOAMC= #000 MP3 Files to be renamed - In the wake of ENDGAME!
in All about SOAMC= | Tuesday, December 25, 2018 | 23:31

During ROTS database generation for the Commodore 64 SID (SOASC=) archive recently we had to rename files and now the time has come for the entire SOAMC= (revision #000, the current original SOAMC= MP3 recording archive) to get the same treatment!

We previously used prefix of "_T01" and such not able to go beyond 99 tunes. However, it seems that was never a problem, but we want our databases to be consistent and more or less formatted the same.

We are doing a rename during today to make everything consistent with the SOASC= style, but also in the event that SOAMC= ENDGAME would find tunes with subtunes over 99.





This will affect the database online (ALL links will be broken instantly) and basically everywhere else where these files was previously linked.

Posted by: Old-schooler, Stone Oakvalley | Publisher: Crazy Multi Talent, Stone Oakvalley
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