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SOAMC= ENDGAME has officially ended its recording queue today!
in All about SOAMC= | Friday, September 24, 2021 | 19:38

An epic day: The longest haul and overkill project "SOAMC= ENDGAME" has finally managed to go through all the planned steps all the way back in November 2017 until TODAY and as of 24th of September 2021 @19:27 it had reached the end with a gigantic recording archive of Authentic Amiga Music played back on real hardware producing MP3/FLAC files!

Today is ENDGAME!

As mentioned in November 2017, over 4 years ago, I secretly started the SOAMC= ENDGAME plan and while everything from then until today is history explained before, I'll get straight to todays facts instead!

Note: Due to cleanup and aftermath recordings before official release, here are the current and eventual final statistics before signing off this project completely on 31st of December 2021:

Last updated data below:
29 Dec 2021, which is the last update I will do here as the ENDGAME project is now completely officially over.

DONE: Total amount of pre-planned recordings (in 2018): 96195

DONE: Actual recordings performed: 88529

DONE: Total amount of MP3/FLAC files produced: 354116

DONE: Total TeraBytes produced: 3.903TB

DONE: Unplayable/false positives or buggy original files (incl. samples): 29179

Total (Auto) Amiga Formats recorded: 62+

Total (Manual) Amiga Formats recorded: 58+

Total original music related Amiga Files available: 112194 (music+samples)

As you may see and already understand, not all planned music files will be actual playable files (due to bad rips, original damaged files, miscategorized music formats, errors in my recording etc.), but these are still under investigation for a potentional re-recording add-on during October. Some of these are known (missing instruments for SONIX for example), while others need more tools and manual research to determine if they are okey or not. Posts will be regularly be published as progress emerges towards christmas this year. By the looks of by 31st of December 2021, ENDGAME will really have ENDED.

Last song to be recorded:

The very last recording that came out of my planned AUTO+MANUAL queue was a MIDI based tune in Deluxe Music Construction Set format called "ManualRipByStoneOakvalley\Deluxe_Music_Construction_Set\youcancallmeal" with credits "/You Can Call Me Al----Paul Simon---"Graceland" transcibed by Igor Stiler"

So, I suppose "You Can Really Call Me Al" at this point, haha.

The song was found on "deluxe music construction set (1986)(electronic arts)[songs].adf" and file date was 22 June of 1988. Meaning, 33+ years later it will get this attention by my project and mentioned as the last straw of an amazing project that is SOAMC= ENDGAME!

ENDGAME has double meaning?
Actually, for some strange universal coincidence, Norway will on 25th of September @ 16:00 re-open the country fully after the long lockdown and restrictions put on everybody during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For sure, Stone Oakvalley invented the "SOAMC= ENDGAME" project several years ago but it's funny to think of that it ended the night before Norway (where I live) also ends the COVID-19 shit down for good. It does makes the name become more powerful and if future-telling was involved I do not know, but one is allowed to wonder sometimes :-)

Update 25 November:
As suspected, people are very predictable (and their lack of understanding of the vaxine intentions) their pipe dream about the so called "effective" vaxine didn't hold water, so yeah, ENDGAME is still running here at my place just to indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway has already started again several weeks ago, thus has also not ended. For the vaxine part, people have to get ready for an eternal refill of this junk into their bodies, instead of just self-isolating themselves like clear-minded people would naturally do during a pandemic.

Finals steps to perform:

1: I will apply various routines to lure out any bad recordings and re-try.
2: I will scan for missing songs and redo each format once more automatically.
3: Create a fully compatible and searchable SQL database and update our online systems with loads of meta-data for the new ENDGAME recordings.

After these processes have been done during a couple of weeks of processing, the tunes that did not make it will be put into a "buggy" section. I will probably make attempts to investigate these 1-by-1 as current numbers of buggy tunes are already well over 10000. But do be honest, it would almost be a 4 year long journey in total that have to end at some point (I have other projects that need attention during the end of year and especially from 2022 and beyond).

Imagine the original SOAMC= recording project started all the way back in 2007 (22 Feb 2007) - a whopping 14 years to this date in the making!

In the end of all of this I have fully recorded and added almost 90000 unique songs to the already quite huge SOAMC= archive and this is really the ENDGAME on my part :-)

But, do not worry, I will do my best during the rest of the year 2021 to end the SOAMC= ENDGAME on the high note!

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