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Filename Structure & Convention for SOAMC= ENDGAME
in All about SOAMC= | Sunday, October 21, 2018 | 19:39

We present here the decisions for original Amiga based filenames and recordings. By Amiga based filename we mean the files we have extracted out of archives, disk-images and cd-images etc.

We have many months ago grouped and ID'd our extraction and decrunching based on the following main category logic:

For NON-DOS disk images we used xfdScan on:

For files we extracted from files located OUTSIDE CD-images:
ADF_STD = 01
ADZ_STD = 02
DMS_STD = 03
LHA_STD = 04
LZX_STD = 05
LZH_STD = 06
GZ_STD = 07
ZIP_STD = 08
Z_STD = 09
RAR_STD = 10
TGZ_STD = 11
TAR_STD = 12
STD_STD = 13
RUN_STD = 14
7Z_STD = 15

For files we have extracted from files located INSIDE CD-images:
ADF_CDX = 16
ADZ_CDX = 17
DMS_CDX = 18
LHA_CDX = 19
LZX_CDX = 20
LZH_CDX = 21
GZ_CDX = 22
ZIP_CDX = 23
Z_CDX = 24
RAR_CDX = 25
TGZ_CDX = 26
TAR_CDX = 27
STD_CDX = 28
RUN_CDX = 29
7Z_CDX = 30

The next sub-structure is based on a Directory/Filename ID unique numbering and formatted as:


Now, based on these two simple logic and references, we must compress this filename a bit by simply converting to hexadecimals.

So, for example we have id:

the outputted filename becomes "ff-01".

Finally, if the directory id and filename id was the same, as well as the internal reference, we added a counter from 1, since we can detect more music inside the exact same file, but at different position within that file.

Now, lets pretend this file was indentified as ProTracker module found in our "ZIP" files contained on a CD-Image (ZIP_CDX=23), we simply add the Amiga styled prefix of "MOD.", so it becomes "MOD.ff-01-23-01-X" inside a directory called "Trackers" or "ProTracker" for instance. The FLAC/MP3 would get a subtune addition just like before (except for the new support for 999 subtunes instead of previous limit of 99), like:

(The -X is a reference to what ripper engine was used, they are X, C, M or P).

for our alternative ADF scan (ID:00), things are just a bit different, but still within the same rules (example below indicates Directory ID (0), Unique File Count (1d5d), ADF_SCAN (00), File Count within ADF (14), File Count within same file on from ADF (02), By ripper engine (X,C,M or P):


"-M_" = Music ripped by using EaglePlayer w/EagleRippers
"-P_" = Music ripped by using Pro-Wizard
"-X_" = Music ripped by using ExoticRipper GUI
"-C_" = Music ripped by using Pro-Wizard4PC

This way, we will ensure that if you would save a file into a directory, it will never overwrite others, as both the MAIN group ID is unique, as well as the Directory ID and File ID.

Naturally our database will also contain the exact location of where the file once where found (like path/filename of the CD image, then the .ZIP file and finally the original filename inside the .ZIP file), which can help alot during searching for certain human readable content.

But, we are also not just automatically hunting for tunes, but also a manual hunt which involves taking the first 12 bytes (or part of it) and hunting and extracting using my latest 31million SOTDS database for some selected Music Formats never before been part of the original SOAMC=. We can quickly mention:

Activision / Activision Pro (also known as Martin Walker, but we found songs that "Martin Walker" player can't play, but the AC/ACP does :-))
Symphonie_Pro (Either by software itself, or if EaglePlayer can use it on real Amiga, yet to determine)

and more to be added, as we have a goal to record at least 1 tune for every Player Engine we have dug up (in total 222 different ones, the original SOAMC= consisted of 193).

Current list of prefixed file naming

We will use the more or less standard format as either named by "Eagleplayers.Batch" from "ExoticRipper_v33" mixed with research done on "" and "", with uppercased PREFIXED format including whatever we used for the original SOAMC=.

Please note that these are the currently and actual music ripped and identified automatically by the 4 ripper engines I use on real Amiga. The list will grow as we progress through more files, as well as any potentional semi-manual rips done by myself using other tools.

AHX_v2_(THX) = AHX.*
Actionamics = AST.*
Activision_Activision_Pro_(Martin_Walker) = AVP.*
AmosMusicBank = ABK.*
ChipTracker_(KRIS_Tracker) = CT.*
Compact_ModFile_(AC1D-DC1A_Packer) = AC1D.*
D.Whittaker_or_J.C.Brooke = JB.*
DeltaMusic_2.0 = DM2.*
Digital_Illusions = DI.*
Digital_Mugican_1 = DMU.*
Digital_Mugican_2 = DMU2.*
Fred = FRED.*
Future_Composer13 = FC13.*
Future_Composer14 = FC14.*
Game_Music_Creator = GMC.*
Hippel-COSO = HIPC.*
Hippel = HIP.*
JamCracker_FollinPlayer_II = JAM.*
Jason_Page_New = JPN.*
Jochen_Hippel_7V = HIP7.*
Kefrens_Sound_Machine = MOD.*
Laxity(Powermusic_PT) = *
MED_OctaMED-Packer = MED.*
Maniacs_of_Noise_M.O.N = MON.*
MaxTrax = MXTX.*
Module_Protector = MOD.*
NoisePacker_1.0-3.0 = NP3.*
NoisePacker_1.x = NP1.*
NoisePacker_2.x = NP2.*
NoisePacker_3.x = NP3.*
Oktalyzer = OKT.*
Pha_Packer_(ProPacker) = PHA.*
ProPacker_1.x = PP11.*
ProPacker_2.x = PP21.*
ProPacker_3.x = PP31.*
ProRunner_1.0 = PRUN.*
ProRunner_2.0 = PRU2.*
Promizer_1.0 = PROM.*
Promizer_2.0 = PROM.*
Promizer_4.0 = PM40.*
Sidmon_1.0 = SID.*
Sidmon_1.x = SID.*
Sidmon_2.x = SID2.*
SlamTilt_Custom = CUST.*
SonicArranger = SA.*
SoundFX_1.3 = SFX.*
SoundMon_2.0 = BP.*
The_Player_40 = P4X.*
The_Player_40b = P4X.*
The_Player_41a = P4X.*
The_Player_50a = P5X.*
The_Player_50a_60a = P6X.*
The_Player_60a = P6X.*
The_Player_61a = P6X.*
TrackerClones = MOD.*
TrackerPacker_2.0-3.1 = TP3.*
TrackerPacker_2.0-3.1 = TP3.*
TrackerPacker_3 = TP3.*
Trackers_15inst = MOD.*
Tronic = TRON.*
UNIC-Tracker = UNIC.*
Vectordean = RDAT.*

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