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TakeTracker not TakeTracker
in All about SOAMC= | Thursday, April 09, 2009 | 22:54

But ProTracker more likely!

One observant guy, CHIPFLIP, mentioned for me that the entries listed as TakeTracker in the SOAMC= recordings are probably not TakeTracker and I agree. TakeTracker was a obscure and rare tracker for PC/DOS and it contains the format header identifier as "16CH", not "M.K." as we would find after looking at the files in hex view.

Here is the original TakeTracker:

After some research I found that the DeliPlayer2 for PC identified certain types of mod. files as "TakeTracker" instead of the more probable format "Protracker". To cope with this issue, I have updated my "stats" list to change "TakeTracker" into "Protracker" rather. The file "players/dpTrackers.dll" in a standard DP2 installation is therefore not to be trusted. No matter, we all know DP2 was left in a beta stage which is sad.

Anyway, this will boost the "Protracker" modules from 77149+6252 to 83401.
(sure some of the modules that was known as TakeTracker might be NoiseTracker, but that don't really matter much. All tracker clones anyway.)

The database online will also be updated so the term "TakeTracker" will not be present, as there is 100% no "16CH" songs recorded in the SOAMC=.

The magic trick to correctly snip out the false TakeTracker modules not belonging to Amiga Format was to search in the mod files for "''"" at the end of the suspected module file.

They do not appear in regular Amiga created/saved modules in ANY Sound/Pro/Noise tracker formats.

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