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History SOAMC= 2007-2021
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From start of project to the actual recording loop began, I worked 25% of my available spare time on this project. After the recording was initiated I had to check almost every day to see that the recording was still going smooth. It was an tiresome process that since 2007 is probably 24/7 recording for well over 1000 days!!.

24 Sep 2021
SOAMC= ENDGAME track progress, record missing files and basically starting to finalize the project. This is only the initiation process, will take several weeks/months.

24 Sep 2021
SOAMC= ENDGAME Manual Recording DONE!

11 Jul 2021
SOAMC= ENDGAME Manual Recording Initiated!

11 Jul 2021

18 Mar 2018
SOAMC= ENDGAME Auto Recording initiated!

Nov 2017
Initiated the brand new SOAMC= ENDGAME project. Automated ripping, decrunching and extraction of binary files from a 33 million files archive.

19 Sep 2010
The add-on recording project known as SOAMC= REDUX was a complete success adding in 22940 more MP3 files, boosting the collection to a total of 254620 MP3 files). Kirk out!. Enjoy the music!

10 Jul 2010
All known and reported bugs was taken care of. Fast bandwidth and 2 mirrors are starting to get back online and resynched. More mirrors may be in the loop, so things are looking good now.

12 Jun 2010
Digging through the known bugs reported in our forums and re-recording them. I expect the fixes will be finalized and dug throught by July. At that point, the add-on recording project "SOAMC= REDUX" will be started probably in August. Approx 2300 tunes will be recorded and added to the absolute final end of SOAMC= of all times. Our fast bandwidth mirror is in the progress of recovering after an RAID breakdown, in which the sync upload of new material will be started. The online database is still under development by Mr. Waxhead. No time yet to when its stable. However, a new mirror will be presented during beginning of July!

October 02 2009 @ 23:58
Released new version of the search engine database online. Further, during October all MP3 files will be mirrored by on a fast bandwidth connection. We're back stronger and better.

Thursday 08 Aug 2009
A real slow and low priority work was initiated to prepare re-recording of reported bugs. A bonus collection will be added consisting of tideous manual ripping (by Stone Oakvalley). A wealth of several thousand disks are scanned for the final and ultimate blow in Amiga Music module search and preservation with an aim to provide even modules nobody else have stored or found on the net yet.

Tuesday 12 Mar 2009
The project has been finalized and whole collection released online! An nbeliveable effort lasting 424 days 24/7! It happend @ 22:51

Thursday 12 Feb 2009
The initial recording queue of 115905 Amiga files has reached the end after 393 days of 24/7 operation! It happend @ 1:48 at night and I recorded a video of it to preserve the legendary moment.

Wednesday 03 Dec 2008
More tunes released onto the website. Boosting to about 220000 tunes. It's considered to be a preliminary release still, so expect missing files, bugs etc.

Tuesday 05 Aug 2008
To celebrate 200 days of 24/7 constant recording, we decided to release 33036 tunes onto our website! It's considered to be a preliminary release, before the final cleanup & release.

Thursday 13 Mar 2008
All typical Protracker/SoundTracker/MED/OctaMED modules from Modland added to the recording queue and database updated. It is now even bigger than ever before!!!

Friday 07 Mar 2008
All modules in the recording queue that originated from TEN.ENECSAD.PMA was ignored. They will be replaced by a much greater collection found at MODLAND, thus expanding this project.

Wednesday 15 Jan 2008 @ 18:33
Recording was aborted. The reason was that a small delay/bug/whatever in the RS232 serial device on either PC or Amiga managed to create a small recording hickup about 1-2 seconds out. The bug was fixed and the whole thing had to restart. Only 3900 tunes were recorded, so no problem. The automatic process will record for approx 8 months!

Saturday 5 Jan 2008 @ 22:53
Recording has been initiated! I can expect about 500 tunes each day to pump out.

Friday 4 Jan 2008 @ 00:41
Database and recording filepreperation database considered as final! A whopping 100000+ files checked out! Recording PC is standby ready for recording.

Thursday 22 Feb 2007
Project idea came to life and was instantly started. Throughout the following months I work partly on the structure of the music directories, formats and in general the entire database buildup.

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