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The Database
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The entire music collection is a mix between all module files found at:


The snapshot of these sites were taken during summer-winter 2007-2008, so any new files after that period WILL NOT BE SUBJECT of beeing included in future recordings. This project is a ONCE-TIME project and I do not intend to keep recording ANY updated stuff for this collection after completion. Only severe bugs might be re-recorded!

The MP3 TAGS will contain information derived from the title/filename/directoryname where found suitable. Since there is no database available online that cover the 150+ Amiga formats I'm recording its hard to create an full database of the releaser/group, copyright holder, produced year and the composers name. I wished there was a HVSC C64 SID similar database for the Amiga formats, since that is a very well put together database which follows strong rules for information. But, it's easy for that part, since SID is only one file format and has a documented structure of information stored inside. For the Amiga, its well the 150+ different formats which are all different in their buildups and many files don't have anything human readable text stored, so this information is only available online, but only found as HTML and text online making the SOAMC= database process difficult for automation!

Today, EXOTICA does an incredible job collecting this information and I will leave their great work to still be processed without me creating it all over again. MODLAND only stores information about the music files in named directories and original filenames. MODLAND has just dir named information of the releaser but nothing else like what year it was produced. The SOAMC= database has been constructed with a special RAW TEXT ripper functionality which extracts as much textual information found in the 150+ different formats and use that as a base when searching for the exact tune you want. Some Amiga music files have additional text information stored in different locations and sometimes these are not even complete, making it an automated process to store the information about the module online difficult.

The structure has been cleaned slightly and a number of errors found in these collection fixed to form my own ready-to-record music collection. These original Amiga files (in directory structure and .ZIP) including the final MP3 recordings will be available online for download.

Since there is no particular downloadable database of Amiga Music like the HVSC (Commodore 64 High Voltage SID Collection) I had to develop a short routine to extract as much as possible human readable text from all these files to better create a maximum search hit when searching for a favourite tune. The process is probably not done before regarding any Amiga Music database, and the SOAMC= database is THE FIRST to probably invent such a feature and incredible RAW search function today. I've seen it for ProTracker/SoundTracker clones out there (namely MOD. files), but not the other non-xxxxTracker files.

Further I do not wish to dig through a lot websites and old information to try and create a HVSC similar database myself. My focus is to record and preserve the sound of what I managed to find internet during 2007.

During the end of 2009 and half of 2010 I took the last straw in Amiga recording ever to self-rip manually more music from 3120 ADF disks, including a complete download of the Wanted Team files available. To top it all off, I even recorded standalone music disks versions in their full length as the demo was (like D-MOB, Kefrens Mega-Mix etc.).

It didn't stop there and I even recorded manually music from Deluxe Music Construction Kit, Beethoven, Instant Music and some more Sonix tunes. They all had to be played in their original software simply because there was not any suitable player engines that I could use for this purpose. Included in the SOAMC= REDUX 2010 project was all the bugs noted in our forums reported back to us from our downloaders and Amiga friends from all over the world. It has to be right, just once, cause, I'm Stone Oakvalley and I'm persistant before I retire for good.

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