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SOAMC= currently processing manual MIDI tunes recordings!
in All about SOAMC= | Sunday, September 05, 2021 | 19:55

At last, during the weekend I started recording music tracks that are strictly MIDI based and streams the MIDI notes out to a MIDI Device back into Windows 7 which is running SynthFont with MT32 Sound Emulation bank, in turns are then recorded back in the recording PC. What a mouthful :-)

Most of the songs will be recorded manually since they are of a few songs pr. software and has to be started from the original compositing software as automation is impossible or very hard to achieve. Either way, I will record them this way.

Currently, it seems the automated and manual recording process of all the tunes originally presented 1.5 years ago is closing in to the actual ENDGAME during September. It basically means that I'm really nearly DONE with this project!

Here's a video of some of the first songs recorded via MIDI and MT32 emulation playback within the "The Music Studio" by Activision!

Play Video: SOAMC= ENDGAME - MIDI Recording September 2021

Download Movie instead (Right click, save as)

Next plan is when these are recorded to focus on Music-X, Deluxe Music Construction Set and SONIX. The two last ones are quite complicated to extract since its not only the SONG file, but also "Samples/" and "Instruments/" which has to be found within my 33million AmigaFiles archive.

This process will probably takes a number of weeks, and at the end of it, these DMCS and SMUS would most likely be played in an automated queue. This is because I can either use CLI-tools, EaglePlayer at least for SONIX tunes, and the DMCS software features AREXX which are easy to automatically control.

All MIDI related songs will be finalized in recording 17 Sep 2021!

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