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in All about SOAMC= | Saturday, May 05, 2018 | 01:15

A quick followup to the new add-on recording project for Stone Oakvalley's Amiga Music Collection (SOAMC=).

Details revealed on how the current progress is at!

The Amiga music recording project really never ended, and here's what's been going on for the past 9 years that has led to this immensive project at hand. We are talking automation porn completely into the madhouse :-)

1: Gather more Amiga based files from internet (always going on and always has).

2: Index everything (including within adf, dms, adz, dsq, lha, lzx, lzh, zip, tar, gz, z, dmz, zoo, arc + iso, bin, img, nrg, mdf) using my own tools and make it searchable with my SOTDS system locally. Tools is a mix between PC-side and inside WinUAE (Amiga-side).

3: Index everything again and extract all single files and do a 3-part checksum on them. The first 12 bytes of every file, a 4-byte (special position 1080-1083 = targets for Tracker files and clones) and a standard MD5 checksum for 28+ million files locally. Tools is a mix between PC-side and inside WinUAE (Amiga-side).

4: Uncompress all files that has the signature of executable files (12-bytes header) and extract them, decompress them (XFDDecrunch) and use Waxhead's self-built module scanner and identifier (DeluxeMOD) to retrieve hidden Amiga music (tracker-clones) to include into possible recording list. Once we have such a collection available, we can also hunt down other formats.

5: Use a combination of my SOTDS and extraction tools, we can also hunt down all typical tracker-tags located at the 4-byte position 1080-1083 easily, but also via the 12-byte header we can achieve to rip out non-tracker music as well!

6: Prepare and research more about the already 193 different music formats identified and used during the original SOAMC= project. That means, to hunt down every possible version of 193 EaglePlayer/DeliPlayer engines and organize these into a list based on my SOTDS database (31 million files to choose from). The reason is that in the SOAMC= I already discovered several bad player engines along with player engines having a serious headache with version and date name convention. Really, there was NONE! Well, its kind of understandable as there was no Internet, just BBS's and the fact that any person could over time develop Player Engines (just to learn assembly perhaps) and thus not knowing about other versions beeing worked on by other groups. Allthough, you might wonder why there are several player engines of the same format with same date and version, but filesize differs. What happend? :-)

I was always fed up with this, and have started a tiresome project to extract and find all those player engines in all their versions to make them downloadable with a nice little table of how it was all laid out. These variations of engine will be tested out to see if there are really any significant impact of certain obsure music formats that we would eventually find during our long hunt.

The bottom picture also shows the decompressing of executable files identified running my own tools programmed in AmigaE (yey!) inside WinUAE coupled up with a gadzillion files locally on PC-side.

I'll post our progress and more visual details as we go along during 2018. We are not sure WHEN a potentional recording will start as at this point we are simply preparing and finetuning our tools to work automatically without too much user invention in order to hunt down new Amiga music files. In fact, Step 3-6 has been in the works since October 2017, and point 1-2 since 2009.

I can tell you that this "ENDGAME" project is really hardcore, slow and requires and massive amount of computer power as well as brain drain to figure out how to pull everything off smooth.

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