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BONUS #4 Released! - XPK Unique Libraries List
in All about SOAMC= | Monday, October 01, 2018 | 18:28

The following list is an result of hunting through my SOTDS database of 31million entries, then filtering out XPK Libraries to be used during the decrunch part of SOAMC= ENDGAME.

To my knowledge, this is the first and only most complete list ever created by anybody ever :-)

Although, after my research I actually found this good site: that pretty much have listed what I had already programtically extracted out of my archive :-)

I have created a package below for download, which consists of:
1: All the different XPK Libs, but also including variants (MD5 Checksum differs)
2: All the single XPK Libs in unique form AND (hopefully, whereever possible) the last version possible to ensure a perfect "good-to-go" pack which anybody can start using at once. This is the pack we use for SOAMC= ENDGAME!

I'm not claiming these are the most recent or latest versions ever created and that they are error-free. Remember this is just an attempt to scrape all possible XPK Libs (xpk****.library) and try to determine each library is the most recent and latest one, by having a rule-set like this:

1: If version numbering is present, choose the highest.
2: If no version was present, I choose the one with biggest filesize.
3: Some of these files came from a 31 million archive that could orginally be damaged by somebody, hacked or tweaked in a way not intended by original author. Who knows!
4: If all hell break loose, try some of my alternatives I have uploaded then!

Found: 18368 files out of 31 million.
Unique (including variant): 219 files out of 18368 detected.
100% Unique/Last Versions found: 56 files, not tested at this point, but used in my SOAMC= ENDGAME setup anyway so it will be used if its needed.

If you want to try and use the "", you must rename the files. Remove everything after "___" (3 underscores) to get proper Amiga File Name.


then remove "___Dat_1.0000000652.0000000001.dat"

final Amiga correct filename is:

Files should be located/extracted to example:
and DH0:Libs/compressors/

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