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How to rip an old MOD15 module!
in SOAMC= Movies | Saturday, December 19, 2009 | 23:16

Just a quick video of how I rip a old MOD15 / SoundTracker module as a song file with separate samples in order to reconstruct it into a playable ProTracker module instead.

Software used on Amiga: XFD Decrunch v1.08, ExoticRipper 3.3, AudioMasterIV, Protracker v2.2a beta.
Software used on PC: WINUAE v1.5.2, Total Commander 7.02

Segments show:
1: Fire up an old demo.
2: Decrunch the file TWICE to get it into uncompressed mode.
3: Rip the songdata.
4: Load the binary file and extract out samples manually.
5: Trim samples and reconstruct the module.
6: It can now be recorded by the next SOAMC= update :-)

The end result is a module called mod.klein and from a old "The Web Inc." intro. The whole process took about 6 minutes. So, if I encounter 100 mod15 files x 6 minutes thats 600 minutes of work or 10 hours of constant ripping.

No wonder it might take some months for me to pull this off:-)

I did and probably have to do a lot more of this kind of ripping. I've tried a wealth of rippers, but no ripper seem to be able to rip these very old mod15 formats correctly, it has to be done manually by reconstructing as shown.

Play Video: How to rip an old MOD15 / Soundtracker Module

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